Cinderellas Grave-Jay County-11/21/09

House Investigation-Winchester, IN-11/27/09

We didn't receive much activity but did hear through the minibox a child say "hello".  We did seem to get reaction to another tiptow member as her flashlight would continue to flash off and on quickly and sometimes appearing as an answer to questions asked.  Obtained a few pics that seem to have orb activity in them as you cannot see thru them and in some cases seem to be omitting their own light, something we have found in the past with personal experience and investigations completed.  Property owner reported having never been into the dirt floor part of the basement, we were the first to enter this part of the property, rumored to once have had an underground tunnel for which we could not find concrete evidence of.  Property owner requests us to return and give our investigation another try at a later date and time.

Overall Impression:  Very Little Activity
Haunted?:                   No
Extent of Evidence:    Possible Orbs - Child Voice Saying Hello - some communication thru K2 lights as well as flashlights


House Investigation-Farmland, IN-12/5/09

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